Katy is our practice manager and has been with AMC since April 2020. She grew up here in NWA and has been in the veterinary field since 2003. She attended the University of Arkansas and has a bachelor’s degree in Poultry Science. She and her husband live in Rogers with their two kids, two cats, and two dogs. Katy enjoys spending time with her family, riding her bike on NWA's bike trails, crocheting, and having fun with her amazing coworkers!



Jessica has always had a love for animals, and knew from an early age that she wanted to be in the veterinary field. She started her career as a receptionist in 2012 at a large veterinary clinic in Fayetteville, where she was also trained as an assistant. She started working at Animal Medical Center in August of 2020 as a receptionist and now she supervises all of the receptionists at our Pinnacle location. She enjoys interacting, and educating clients on different types of preventive care, and of course loving on all the fur and furless babies that she gets to see daily. All of her pets have been rescued from the streets, and now enjoy a peaceful life. She has a Pitbull named Arlo, and 3 cats named Midnight, Moli, and Panther. She enjoys spending her free time with family, and her favorite past times are geocaching, disc golfing, hiking, taking pictures and making different types of craft projects for friends that range from sticker books to t-shirts.



Ashley started at AMC in July of 2020. She began working in the veterinary industry at the age of 14, in 1996, and she has a bachelor's degree in Animal Science from the University of Arkansas. She's worked in all areas of our hospitals but you'll currently find her coordinating surgeries and supervising the kennels at our Pinnacle location. Her proudest pet moment is taking her beloved cavalier Riggs to Japan for mitral valve repair surgery in 2018 (it's the only place in the world they provide this surgery). He was the 6th American dog to ever go! It was one of the greatest experiences of her life! In her downtime, she enjoys spending time with her family and 3 dogs Archer, Posey, and Georgia. Ashley has particular interests in animal behavior, puppy training, low stress pet care, and rescue.



Mattie graduated from Texas A&M University in 2014 with a degree in Animal Science. She graduated from Lone Star College in 2016 with an Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Mattie moved from Texas in October of 2021 and joined Animal Medical Center shortly after! She supervisors the technicians at our Pinnacle Hills location and loves helping with surgeries and monitoring patients under anesthesia. Mattie enjoys spending the weekends exploring her new home in NWA with her husband Benjamin.



After Beverly spending years in human health care and cattle farming, Beverly started volunteering at local veterinary clinics and animal rescues.  She quickly discovered that veterinary medicine was her calling and has been in the vet field for 6 years! She joined the AMC reception team in February 2023 and now supervisors the reception and kennel teams at our Midtown location. She has a passion for helping animals and their people, and she looks forward to helping all of our clients and patients.

Outside of work she loves spending time with her husband, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As well as her three dogs and two cats. She also enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking, hunting, riding horses and 4 wheelers, and doing yard work.



Kari has had a passion for helping animals since she was little and has been in the veterinary field since 2014. She joined AMC as a technician in March 2023 and is now supervising the technicians at our Midtown location. She looks forward to caring for NWA’s range of different animals, and has a special interest in exotic pets, canine and feline nutrition, and client education. When she's not at work she loves going hiking, kayaking, fishing and hunting with her husband, and watching their little boy grow. She currently has a German Shepherd named Ruger, and two cats named Tye and Johnny Cash. She looks forward to being able to care for your pets at our Midtown location!



Chase has been with us since 2014 and in that time he has worked in every area of the clinic. Currently he works at the Midtown location, taking care of your pets when they need surgery, or to be dropped off or hospitalized. His favorite part of the job is helping all of his patients to live their healthiest lives. He has two dogs at home: Izzy, an aussie mix, and Lucas, a pit bull. He enjoys going to the lake during the summer, wakeboarding, hiking, hanging out with friends, and lots of gaming.



Sara has been with AMC since 2017. Growing up she was always around animals, of all kinds. She has 7 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 birds and treats all of the pets staying in our kennels as if they were her own. She loves to spend her free time reading, thrifting, sewing, and traveling to see her 14 grandkids!



Annie joined our practice in August of 2019 and has worked in several different areas since then. She has been in the veterinary field for over 20 years and currently manages inventory for both locations. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her many dogs and cats.



Taylor has been with AMC since May 2020. She started as a kennel assistant but is now a top notch veterinary technician at our Pinnacle location. She has wanted to work with animals since she was little, and truly loves what she does. When she's not at work she's chasing around her son, Wyatt. She and her son like to spend the weekends going out to do fun activities as a family. They have a 1 year old German Shepherd/ Rottweiler named Nyra and a cat named Manson.



Karen started at AMC in June 2020 and has been working in the veterinary field for over 12 years. Currently, you'll find her in greeting clients and pets and answering phones at our Midtown location. She loves working will all of the fur babies and has 7 of her own! She lives in Rogers with her husband, 5 dogs, and 2 cats and spends her free time with them and her grandson.



Melinda has been with AMC since May of 2021, but she's been working in the veterinary field for over 20 years! She and her husband have 3 cats and their own business making and selling soaps and other products! You'll meet Melinda if your fur baby every needs surgery or a dental cleaning at our Pinnacle location.


Tosha started in June of 2021 as a receptionist at our Pinnacle location. She has three cats, Lucy, Daphne, and Glitch, who she loves. She also enjoys spending time with her son at the park or trails and anything outdoors.



Desiree started at AMC in July 2021. She came to AMC as part of the merger with Animal Clinic of Rogers and we're so lucky to have her! You’ll find her behind the scenes assisting the doctors with surgeries and performing dental cleanings at our Pinnacle location.



Steven came to AMC in July 2021 as part of the merger with Animal Clinic of Rogers. He has been in the vet field for over seven years and currently works as an outpatient technician at our Midtown location! Despite being in this field for so long, he is currently studying in hopes of one day becoming some sort of writer. Outside of work and school, he's more than likely just locked in his room wasting time! At least until he has to chase one of his four dogs who keep him busy with their rambunctious personalities.



Myriam started in November 2021 as a kennel technician, but quickly proved she could do more. She currently as an outpatient technician at our Pinnacle Hills location and looks forward to helping your and your pet during your pet's appointments in the future! She owns one dog, Nairobi, that she adores! In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling to new places.



Uriely has worked at AMC Midtown since January 2022 as a kennel technician and receptionist and now works on the surgery team. Her dream has always been to work with animals. Growing up she had an ostrich, peacock, turkeys, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and of course cats and dogs. She is an avid cat lover. She currently has three fur babies: Lucy the cat, Jackson the doodle, and Eros-sol the yorkie. Animals aside, she is an aspiring seamstress and enjoys playing the electric guitar. Her favorite thing about working at AMC is meeting and bonding with all the fur friends.



Bailie joined AMC in March 2022 shortly after moving to NWA. She started as a kennel technician and is currently working as an outpatient technician at our Midtown location. You may have also seen her in reception! She has always had a passion for animals and knew she wanted to work with them. Outside of work she enjoys going on walks with her dog Chino and spending time with her friends. Her favorite part of her job is getting to help everyone's pets every day!



Val has been working with AMC since April 2022 as an outpatient technician. She is currently attending the University of Arkansas as an undergraduate in hopes of becoming a companion animal veterinarian. In her free time Val enjoys spending time with her dog Rocky outdoors, or doing anything crafty that ranges from furniture flips to painting!



Rachel joined AMC in August 2022 after working at a doggy care for over a year. You'll find her taking care of the boarding pets at our Pinnacle Hills location. Her goal is to make your pet feel like AMC is their home away from home.

She grew up surrounded by animals, was very active in the FFA in high school, and is currently studying Animal Science at NWACC. She looks forward to caring for your fur babies.



Lydia received her veterinary assistant certification at Petra before joining AMC in October 2022 as an outpatient technician.

She has 2 dogs named Lola & Fifi, who she adores.  Outside of work she enjoys, traveling, journaling , shopping, and spending time with her family.



Kayla started at AMC as an outpatient technician in January 2023 with over 2 years of experience in the veterinary field.

She loves working on and driving cars with her husband and relaxing at home with her two dogs and two cats. She's excited to meet new clients and patients at our Pinnacle Hills location.



Kelly started at AMC in March 2023 in reception at our Pinnacle Hills location. She always had dogs growing up, and from a young age had a passion for animals and the veterinary field. In high school she was very involved in the FFA and the vet science team. Kelly hopes to learn as much as she can so she can one day help your pets as a veterinary technician.

Kelly has one pampered pooch named Sombra who loves to lounge under blankets and on pillows like a king.



Ally has been with AMC since April 2023. You'll meet her at our Midtown location where she works in reception. She's lived in NWA since 1998 and currently lives in Centerton with her husband, cat named Thingy, dog named Zeus, and two spoiled bunnies named Mia and Clover. She has a special place in her heart for rabbits and has been volunteering with the Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network since 2015. She's been working in the vet field since 2018, but in her free time she enjoys painting and jigsaw puzzles!



Chad started at AMC as a kennel assistant at our Midtown location in April 2023 and has worked in the veterinary field since 2021. He's always had a strong connection with animals and during the covid pandemic decided he wanted to work with them too. At home he has two cats named Peaches and Barnes, and a dachshund named Peanut. Outside of work you'll find him playing drums, gaming, or working on art.


Catherine has been working as a kennel assistant at the Pinnacle location since April 2023. After graduating from the U of A with a degree in Poultry Science she decided to give the veterinary field a try. She has a veterinary assistant certification from Petra Allied Health.
In her free time she enjoys gardening, obsessing over Star Wars, and playing with her german shepherd, Bentley.


Mike joined us in 2023, but has been working with animals off and on since 2013. Mike spends time at both locations, but currently you'll find him working as an outpatient technician at our Midtown location. He graduated from Rogers High School and has worked at several clinics since then. He’s happily married with 2 human babies (Jax and Lilly) and 1 Fur Baby (Rocky-Boii). Aside from getting to work with animals, Mike really loves to talk with all of our clients, especially if they like to talk TV or video games. In his spare time, he likes to game and watch movies as well as taking his family on outdoor adventures such as camping and swimming.