Warmer weather means fleas and ticks, we have multiple preventative options to match your lifestyle!

Bravecto – 12 weeks chewable

Fleas and ticks become active once the temperature begins to regularly reach 60 degrees. Then in the spring when the warm weather becomes more consistent, we can start to see infestations. These infestations can take 3-4 months to clear up completely, can be very uncomfortable for everyone, and carry the risk of serious disease to both pets and people. Some dogs and cats even suffer from Flea Allergic Dermatitis and can have very uncomfortable flare ups from just one flea. Keeping your pet on a preventative will not only protect your pet, but also your home from an infestation.

We offer Bravecto, a chewable treat that you give once every 3 months to prevent fleas and ticks from making a meal out of your pet. When paired with Sentinel Spectrum, which contains a flea sterilization we can stop the flea and tick life cycles in their tracks.

Ask our front desk about instant rebates for multiple boxes and combination purchases!

Nexgard – 30 days chewable

Summer time means more outside fun, and that means more exposure to fleas and ticks! Before you take your furry friend hiking or to the dog park, make sure they’re protected from both fleas and ticks. Nexgard is a once a month chewable that starts killing both fleas and ticks within an hour, before they can start transmitting deadly diseases.

In May & June, each 3 month box of Nexgard you purchase will equal one entry into the drawing for our Nexgard prize basket at the end of the month. We also have instant rebates available for all purchase sizes!

There are two prizes available and you choose which drawing you’d like to enter.

Prize One:

Two tickets to see James Taylor at the AMP on July 15th

Value $400

Prize Two:

Solo Bonfire Stove with Smore Kit

Value $400


Please note that the prize tickets are only available with Nexgard purchase!

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